Saturday, October 05, 2013

Almost There

Moving here has been a long, drawn out and sometimes grueling experience.  But we're almost done!  Soon we'll be able to say that we have moved to Virginia instead of we are and I can't wait for that moment!

I have a big classroom area to set up and no furniture budget, so I'm hunting around for freebies to get us through.  Tables.  Bookshelves.  Rugs.  And my magnetic white board bit the dust on the move over (some angry piece of furniture squashed it right in the middle and bent it all out of shape... broke it's frame.  It was tragic, really...)  But I'm really excited to have this space to dedicate to our schooling and I'm sure I'll be rearranging it over and over.

Speaking of rearranging things, I've moved the stuff in the kitchen cabinets four times now, I think.  Everytime I go to grab something I find myself looking for it in a particular spot and it's not there.  So I move it there only to discover it doesn't really work....  I think I've got it all straight now.   Though I may just up and confuse the family in a month or two and redo it all again!

Speaking of confusing people, I think my girls totally confused a little boy on the street the other day.  He was not being nice and my girls, being sweet and having spent most of their lives around, well, nice people, didn't know what to do about him.  So I told them that if they didn't like the way he was speaking that they should tell him so.  And if he bothers any one of them, all 4 of them should turn around and leave, either with or without comment as they saw fit.  Well, he was being mean to Sarah and Josie looked him square in the eye and told him to quit being a bully.  They all then walked away.  He yelled a little and then pouted and shouted that he was going to go tell his mom.  Josie got nervous!  What if his mom was mad at Josie for what she said?

I told her not to worry.  I'd back her up.

Well.  We never heard from his mom and he's been much nicer since then.  He even brought out some extra toys for everyone on the street to play with together.  I thought it was a nice gesture.

I'm off to tuck kids into bed now and get some work done.  Hope you all are doing well! :)  ♥

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