Thursday, September 27, 2012


Has it really been May since I last posted here?  My goodness!  So sorry.

I'll have to grab some pictures soon and show you how big all the kids are getting. 

In the mean time, we're back to schooling, Anna is potty training (just started today but she's been ready for a while.  I'm just lazy sometimes!), KJS has been getting quite a few new clients, my new-since-I-last-posted-here online store has a lot of customers, some of whom actually buy stuff, and I am as sleep-deprived as ever.

Anna is showing absolutely no signs at all of wanting to ween.  She nurses at nap time.  She nurses at bed time.  She wakes up in the middle of the night, usually about an hour after I've gone to bed, and then nurses nearly all night.  The night time is purely a comfort thing.  She ends up sleeping with me, which I'd really like to change, but can't seem to manage it so far. I don't mind her visiting, but it's rare that I can successfully transfer her back to her own crib without her protesting loudly.  I remember letting the twins cry it out, but it seems my heart has softened considerable since then. . .

Little Learning Lovies is my online store where I've been selling printable resources, like file folder games, worksheets and such.  I've had people from as far away as China purchase my stuff!  It's pretty cool :)  People seem to really like the style of what I create and I have to say it feels really good.  If you are a family member (like a sister or sister-in-law or mother or mother-in-law) who might be reading this, and you want to try something from the store (you are under no obligation by the way!) email me and I'll give you a coupon code you can use to get everything for free :)  Cause I love you!  If, by some miracle, you are a stranger reading this....   You can ask me in the comments for a coupon code and I'll be glad to give you a 20% discount.  Cause I don't want to you feel left out and unloved! :)

KJS has been doing a pretty brisk business in Virginia of late.  We're loving the way Virginia laws are set up.  We can do everything we want to down there without running into any legal grey areas, unlike our current state of residence who seems to find fault with the most innocent of things.  And our Virginia clients are nicer!  And easier to work with than our native clients...  Not that there aren't tough ones down there, but they generally have reasonable expectations that we are always able to exceed.  Our "native" clients want 1001 things from us, for a quarter of the cost.  And once we've done that, they want more.  "Oh... Could you just change this around for me?" they ask after everything has been approved.  Of course, the change requires an entire revamp of the plan... so.... no!  Not unless you pay for it!   Ugh... Anyway: we like Virginia clients :)  We actually profit more on projects that require us to send Sam down there (5 1/2 hours away at least) than local ones! 

As for schooling, the kids are taking the lead more this year which is very helpful.  I can do more around the house or blog (like now!) while they are working which is really nice.  A lot more relaxed than last year when I was leading every subject.  They are moving pretty quickly through everything and I think we might be done with second grade round about the end of February if they keep working like this.  They amaze me with how smart they are and how fast they pick up on things.  We are LOVING the science curriculum we're using this year.  It's fun, engaging and interesting and more than that, two of our three days of science each week are spent doing projects or hands on experiments rather than just reading.  It's pretty cool.  If you want to try it with your elementary level kids, you can get a free years worth (like we did) at the LAB OF MR. Q.  His other titles are $50 each which I at first thought was too much.  But now that we are into the first few weeks of this free one, I'd be glad to pay that much for the others.  VERY well done and they make the kids think, reason, practice their scientific thinking skills and, best of all, giggle!  There's nothing cooler than setting your kids to reading their science book and finding them laughing their way through it.

The kids have joined a couple of classes through the local rec program this session.  Last session, in the spring, Katie Josie and Sarah took gymnastics and LOVED it.  Their teacher is SO very sweet that they immediately fell in love with her and from that moment they were willing to do anything for her.  Even Katie who is sometimes reluctant to try new things jumped in and bravely did whatever Miss Jocelyn asked of her.  They are, of course, in that program again this fall.  They are also taking a dance class, which is REALLY cute and rather funny.  My kids apparently have no rhythm...

And Anna is in tumbling this session.  It's also being taught by Miss Jocelyn and Anna loves her too.  Normally very shy around new people to the point of being stuck in my arms, she warmed up to the space and the people in it within about 10 minutes.  She even let Miss Jocelyn hold her and help her do rolls and jumps without me being right there!  And she made a friend.  A sweet little 2 year old.  They like to climb up on a big foam square, about a foot off the ground, and then Anna counts "1... 2............... 3!" and they both jump off together.  It helps that there is a huge mirror there for them to watch themselves in.  They happily giggle at each other and climb back up for another turn. 

So I guess, all in all, things are going well here.  I won't promise pictures, but I will try!  And I'll try to get a video of Anna singing.  Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Rocket Man.  Yes... that's right....  "Evie body sing wih meeeee! ...   Wockeh Maaaan ... Burnin' fuel a hear-a-long!"

Love you! :)

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Jennie C. said...

Rocket Man! She's got good taste, that one, and that's my lawn mowing song. :-) Not sure why: maybe because I was all alone and burning up fuel keeping the grass down on our little suburban lot, or maybe because Davey was all alone in Iraq (Mars) with no family and it was gonna be a long long time till he came home again.... I patently refuse to mow the lawn nowadays. ;-)