Friday, May 25, 2012

Here's Anna :)

It's been a while since you've seen her here and my dear momma just emailed me a couple of photos that we caught in front of her amazing azaleas at the peak of their bloom.  So I thought I'd show you my favorite photo from the bunch:

Isn't she pretty?  I love that mop of curly hair on top, and her sweet little green eyes sure do know how to make me melt at just the right moment (you know, like when she's sneakily snatched a second cookie from Grandma's table...)

Well, pretty as this picture is, I couldn't leave it alone.  So I had some fun with it:

Below I've cropped it, played around with the color a little and gave it a vignette :)

Yeah... I'd hang her on my wall!  

Before I continue with the picture fun, I thought I'd brag a little.  She's learning the sounds of each letter (by site, mind you) just by sitting around with us at school time.  We use All About Spelling for our 1st Grade spelling curriculum and she quite happily recites the phonogram  cards right along with her sisters.  She used to echo them.  Now, for nearly all the letters and letter teams represented on the cards, she either leads them or says it with them.  So she knows her letter sounds and I didn't even have to hardly lift a finger. (This is me beaming! :)  Oh, she's also very aware that the printed words in her picture books hold the story.  She pretends to read all the time with her finger following along under the words.  I think I'm gonna have an early reader in her.

Back to the photo:
Then I used a fun little gadget called "60's" that made the photo look all faded and vintage like:

 Another quick aside: whenever I put a dress on this littler girl, her first instinct is to sway her hips back and forth, making the skirt swish across her legs.  Then, once she's satisfied with that, she does her best spin, until she's dizzy.  I just LOVE putting this girl in dresses.  She won't wear a hat, though.  She looks great in them for about 2 seconds, and then she pulls them right off, shaking her head at me with her serious eyebrows on, saying "no, no, mama..."

Okay, back to the photo!

Lastly, I re-cropped the original photo and ran it through a filtered black & white treatment which really made her little face pop out from those flowers, don't you think?   If I had this in Photoshop (which I might play with next) I'd let her green eyes be the only pop of color there.  I just love her eyes!  (Did I mention that?)

So there is our dear little Anna.  Sweetest little 20 month old I know :) 

Oh, and can I just mention one more amazing thing?  She's been doing this for about 5 or 6 months now.  Have you ever met a baby this age who can follow multi-step instructions?  Because she can and does, daily.  Instructions with two steps are simple for her.  Three steps and you have to make sure you have her total attention when you tell her what you want her to do, but she still can.  More than that, and even I have a hard time keeping up, so I figure it isn't really fair to hold her up to that standard yet.  

All right.  I'm done braggin' on my baby for now.  Sooner or later I'll put up a big 'ol post about the goings on of the bigger kids, but today was all about Anna.  Thanks for stopping by!  Oh, and do leave a comment letting me know which variation of the photo you like best.  I'm always looking for input like that!

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